More and more companies of various business industries would use their customer data to enter the insurance business.

We can help you to create your own insurance product for your clients and whole market.

For Distribution Channels

beesure_we can help you to create your own insurance product for your clients:

Analyse risks and structure your own insurance product


Place insurance risks with insurers and reinsurers

Provide our IT system for product distribution

IT system for Distribution Channels

Our IT system will let you onboard various insurance products very fast and easy:

Our IT system with the help of API interfaces with your IT system

Insurance policies are issued through our IT system

Issued polices automatically are sent to you and your clients


Create your own insurance products for your own clients quick and easy

Integrate our IT system into your web easily and sell insurance policies

Extend your services package with various insurance products

Get additional income - commissions

Our office

Most innovative insurance solutions have to be built among other innovative solutions and companies.


Antakalnio str. 17, Vilnius, LT-10312,
Lithuania Vilnius Tech Park Sapiegos

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