beesure_ we can integrate various insurance products into your business! Increase your Customer’s protection, loyalty and get additional income – offer most suitable insurance products to your Customers

beesure_ created insurance distribution infrastructure which could be easily integrated into any business for distribution and administration of insurance products

For Distribution Channels

beesure_ we can integrate various insurance products into your business for selling to your Customers

WEB system without integration for quick various insurance products pilots and distribution


Monthly insurance premiums collection tool by payment cards – automatic monthly subscription

API integration for fully automatic insurance distribution and administration

IT system for Distribution Channels

Our IT system will let you onboard various insurance products very fast and easy:

Our IT system with the help of API interfaces with your IT system

Insurance policies are issued through our IT system

Issued polices automatically are sent to you and your clients


Create your own insurance products for your own clients quick and easy

Integrate our IT system into your web easily and sell insurance policies

Extend your services package with various insurance products

Get additional income - commissions

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